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FINZ Scuba Club is Diving the World!

When it comes to scuba diving and fun, FINZ Scuba Club is the perfect answer. Create life-changing experiences and meet the world with your dive buddies in FINZ Scuba Club! If you love to scuba dive and find yourself without a buddy, come check us out! You'll find that we're the perfect fit when it comes to great scuba diving vacations and sharing the excitement with others in the club. As of this year, we're expanding our growth nationwide. Join FINZ Scuba Club and help us with history in the making as we become a US Scuba Club where you can meet divers throughout the United States!

Scuba diving in St. Lucia

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Are you an adventure seeker? World traveler? Have a passion for exploring beautiful coral reefs and marine life? Do you like doing things with a group of like-minded scuba divers? If you fit this description, we want YOU to join our growing scuba diving family!

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Help us become a nation-wide scuba diving club by joining this group of adventure scuba divers. We are on the path to making history across the United States!

On the Calendar

Thursday, September 10

Live Online Meeting featuring Scuba Cowboy, Pup Morse!

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Friday, September 11

Make today a FUN day with our Funtastic Happy Hour at Gloria's!

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Wednesday, September 16

Dinner & Drinks at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse.

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Scuba Cowboy performing live online with FINZ Scuba Club!

Live Interview & On-Air Performance with the Scuba Cowboy, Pup Morse!

FINZ Scuba Club is thrilled to announce Pup Morse, known as the Scuba Cowboy, will be our guest speaker for our September Live Online Meeting! Music has always been Pup's first passion. From the time he was a small child singing along to tunes in the car or trying to impersonate Elvis in the shower, he always knew he wanted to sing. Of course, sometimes life sends us on a little sidetrack before we get a chance to chase our real dreams and Pup's life was no exception. For a variety of reasons Pup didn't get a chance to really start pursuing his musical career until a little later in life. Fortunately, however, through the wonderful support of many of his fans and the long arm of the World Wide Web, things are happening quickly these days and Pup expects it will only get more frenzied as time goes on.

Please join us this month for our Live Interview & On-Air Performance with the Scuba Cowboy. Maybe you'll hear some familiar tunes or get to know a little bit more about the Scuba Cowboy and his love for music. All you need to do is Click, Register & Attend. It's that easy!

Upcoming Trip

Scuba diving vacation in Tahiti (Rangiroa)

December 4-13 :: Rangiroa, Tahiti

Rangiroa (or Ra’iroa) is the largest atoll of Tahiti and her Islands and one of the four largest in the world, with more than 240 motu (islets). Nowadays, Rangiroa is famous worldwide for its extraordinary diving opportunities.

Rangiroa is a genuine natural aquarium, a mecca for scuba divers around the globe, and said by some to be the richest and most beautiful lagoon in the world. In Rangiroa, to “shoot the pass” is to experience what many have called “the world’s greatest adrenaline rush!"

Divers, snorkelers, and even those aboard a glass-bottomed boat are carried in a rush of water between the ocean and lagoon surrounded by seemingly millions of fish. Outside the reefs, a breathtaking array of large species await divers along the brightly colored walls of the oceanic drop-offs, including squadrons of eagle rays and schools of sharks, tuna, jacks, and barracuda. Book your trip now!

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