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About FINZ Scuba Club

Meet Your Scuba Hostess

FINZ Scuba Club is private social organization designed for distinctive scuba divers. The club holds monthly meetings and events where our divers can meet and mingle with kindred spirits. We also plan several trips throughout the year in locations throughout the Caribbean and other oceans of the world.

Our trips have included adventures and excursions to: 

  • Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao
  • Flower Gardens
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Florida
  • Islamorada, Key Largo and Key West
  • Cozumel
  • Guadalupe Island
  • Socorro Islands
  • and many more locations

Our group is huge fans of scuba diving and we dive to further our education of the sport and of our oceans.

Scuba Hostess, Sharon Yates
Sharon Yates

Sharon’s middle name IS travel! Long before she became a scuba diver, Sharon had the taste of adventure and exploration. Before she knew it, she found herself planning vacations for her friends and girl trips. She is now a Master Scuba Diver and fell right into planning the group trips for the club. There is no detail missed when you take a FINZ Scuba Club vacation!