FINZ Scuba Club

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Membership at FINZ Scuba Club

We invite you to experience the privileges of membership with FINZ Scuba Club. Our Club is a comfortable and inviting venue for members to meet, network and enjoy friendships that have been vetted for exclusivity. FINZ Scuba Club was founded in June 1996 to serve as a recreational diver’s place to gather and socialize with individuals of like interests and expectations. The Club’s membership strives to meet the needs and surpass the expectations of our distinguished membership. To learn more about membership at FINZ Scuba Club, or to arrange a visit please submit the below form.

Member Requirements

  • Participation – The first thing we look for in our prospective member is whether or not they can participate actively in the club. Participation includes attending meetings, events, special occasion activities and trips.
  • Minimum Age Requirement – Prospective members must be 21 or over to apply for membership in the club.
  • Certification – We require prospective members to have their Open Water Certification to join as a member.
  • Continuing Education – Prospective members must be willing to continue their scuba diving education to further their knowledge.